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The User class decorated with custom attributes
class User
   [XmlAttribute("name")] string Name { get; set; }
   [XmlIgnore] string Password { get; set; }
   [XmlElement("domain", 1)] string Domain { get; set; }
   [XmlAttribute("dept")] string Department { get; set; }   
   [XmlElement("background", 2)] string Background { get; set; }
is actually equivalent to using the following custom xml class map
class UserMap : XmlClassMap<User>
   Map(x => x.Name).UsingName("name").AsAttribute();
   Map(x => x.Domain).UsingName("domain").OrderedAs(1);
   Map(x => x.Department).UsingName("dept");
   Map(x => x.Background).UsingName("background").OrderedAs(2);
Using the custom map is quite simple and demonstrated below
var serializer = new Serializer();
Once you have registered the map your serializer will use it to determine layout from that point forward.

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